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Shopify is a hassle-free platform where you get to build and manage every aspect of your business — from products to orders to customers, selling online and in retail stores. Shopify hosts your store, you get multiple themes to use, and the platform requires very little programming experience.

More and more people are doing their shopping online, and even those who prefer to head over to a traditional brick-and-mortar store first research their options online.

An astounding 72% of Millennial consumers (those born 1980s to early 2000s) first explore their options online, and two out of three US citizens over 50 take their business to online stores.

And it’s not just about the fact that shopping from the comfort of your own home or via mobile makes things incredibly simple – even the shopping experience itself is much more pleasant, at least according to 83% of online shoppers who have stated that they were satisfied by the experience.

You’ll notice that these are some fairly high numbers, and by all accounts it looks like the world of e-commerce will just keep on growing, with online shops providing an increasingly more pleasurable experience for their customers.

shopify success stories - stats

Consumers can now get virtually anything they need with a few clicks or screen taps, which also benefits all the aspiring entrepreneurs and creatives out there.

Given these facts, it is now easier than ever to reach an incredibly wide audience, showcase your work and market yourself without spending a fortune.

With a platform like Shopify, which has steadily been growing in popularity over the recent years, almost anyone can get a good start without having to rely on others or take out huge loans. It is an affordable solution (see the Shopify pricing chart below) for getting your online store up and running quickly, and it has changed a lot of lives for the better.

Shopify Pricing

Set up your shop, pick a plan later.

  • Lite $9/month (without an online store)
  • Basic $29/month (sell with your own online store)
  • Pro $79/month (includes abandoned cart recovery and gift cards)
  • Unlimited $179/month (the full package)
  • Click here to try Shopify free for 14 days

Take a look at some of the following Shopify success stories:


shopify success stories - tattlyOne of the amazing Tattly temporary tattoos.

The story goes that Tina Roth-Eisenberg, a designer born in Switzerland who later decided to move to New York, felt utterly disgusted by the awful quality of a temporary tattoo her daughter Ella had on her skin, which inevitably inspired her to create a line of quality temporary tattoos and sell them online.

Being a designer herself the creative part wasn’t so much of an issue, however since she lacked programming knowledge, she turned to Shopify. That way she could actually set up an online store reasonably quickly and easily. It only took a year for her business to flourish because, as it turns out, many people love wearing temporary tattoos.

Tattly’s online shop is now visited by around 10 thousand users every day. The high demand expanded her team of artists, and now they create an abundance of beautiful short term tattoos which millions around the globe enjoy.



shopify success stories - spoke artAbove image from Spoke-Art (as well as the small Bill Green illustration at the top left of page)

An inspired group of people who love discovering skilled artists and exhibiting their art, stand behind this incredible online store. They started doing exhibitions back in 2010, mainly located in San Francisco.

Over the years, they performed exhibitions throughout several cities (New York, Chicago and Miami, etc). What they found was that putting works of art from the exhibitions online could actually attract a much wider audience. They embraced Shopify and successfully created an online store which is now visited by approximately 5 thousand people every day.



shopify success stories - pop chart labLOVE the PopChartLab Shopify store! (It’s that Trade Gothic font!)

The story goes that two friends, a book editor and a graphic artist, decided to bring infographics and an abundance of interesting information in a clever and innovative way to the real world. (The Water Towers of New York City poster is a great example). They play around with charts and designs related to beer, coffee and numerous other everyday consumables.

This awesome idea would be hard to realize without the existence of an online platform or tool that allows you to showcase products, add buy buttons, sell on Facebook, etc. A platform to share a creative vision is essential. It seems as if PopChartLab is loved by lots of people – their online store is visited by around 11 thousand people daily.



shopify success stories - calm the hamGo look at the iconic and beautiful prints at the CalmTheHam store (like the one above)

This is an incredible story of an Irish girl, Cathryn, who decided to move to the United States after graduation. She thought she would pursue a career in architecture but noticed that a little side project she had created, Calm the Ham, which is an Irish expression for just chill, started gaining popularity.

Calm The Ham is a result of what happens when creative desires overtake the need to conform into a lifestyle that everyone else thinks you “should” be living. It’s also how we Irish tell each other to “just chill.”

She used Shopify to enter the world of entrepreneurship which lead to the further development of her online website. From working alone, Calm the Ham has evolved into a team of designers working diligently on creating awesome products for their fans. The amount of daily visitors is close to 5 thousand, which only shows the potential of this business’s growth.



shopify success stories - zero gravityThe bad ass babe Tuesday Bassen from the Zero Gravity blog

The good people at ZeroGravity decided to bring some art and style to the general public by creating unique and interesting accessories for smartphones. Even though they currently offer only cases for iPhones, the idea of having a true piece of art on the back of your phone is quite compelling. (I had my own for a while).

Their online shop was created with the use of the Shopify platform and its design is simply flawless. This is a perfect example of the design power the Shopify platform has, as the eye-catching design of this website attracts a large number visitors every day.



shopify success stories - mammothHannah Campbell’s beautiful surreal photography from Norway for Mammoth

Created by a group of very ambitious people who now offer a variety of photographs, paintings and other mixed media, this website has expanded to contain a huge collection of artworks. The number of artists who enjoy contributing to this website is simply astounding.

From its foundation in 2010, Mammoth has become something that was never imagined possible by its creators. Representing 100 artists from all over the world, they now have happily shipped their art to more than 25 countries.

I guess this is what happens when you provide great art with a platform to promote (and sell) it on. The Shopify platform allowed this group of artists to attract a great number of users from all around the globe.



shopify success stories - fiercely curiousLow Tide, Sutherland, Scotland by Micaela Walker @ FiercelyCurious

Fiercely Curious is a curated collective of over 20 Brooklyn based artists hand-picked by Erin and Tom. They showcase their Brooklyn artists’ work online (using Shopify as a storefront), at pop-up shows and through private studio visits.

We strongly believe in hand made. Know the maker behind the things you use.

Erin and Tom ship internationally and encourage you to visit their studio. In fact, if you are located in Brooklyn or Manhattan they’ll hand deliver your purchase to your door.

I hope the examples on this page have motivated you to move towards your dreams and give Shopify a go. You can actually try Shopify free here for 14 days. Check it out and see how it resonates with you.

The expenses for using Shopify are minimal, yet you get a chance to reach millions of people who’ll enjoy your creative endeavours.

I hope you enjoyed these Shopify success stories. Guess what? This is the first article on my blog that I actually didn’t write (although I ended up editing the heck out of it due to the fact it wasn’t good enough). I like to try new things and finding new writers (who can actually write!) for my blog is one of them. Stay tuned though for some great interviews coming up!


Few take up the burden of their own victory; many give up their dreams when they become possible – Paolo Coelho


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