This here is a mix of unfinished (de-Hurley-ied) goals and projects that I’d like to complete.

I’ll knock some of them over one of these days, I promise.

In the meantime, feel free to take an idea and run with it…

1. Design groovy t-shirt using TeeSpring

unfinished business goals - teespring

A great example of a successful Teespring campaign

How TeeSpring works:

  1. Design t-shirt, choose a goal/set the price & create a campaign
  2. Share the campaign & collect pre-orders (pre-ordering is free)
  3. Sell t-shirts past your goal until campaign ends (they’ll send the cheque for the profits)


2. Create a product and sell via eBay

unfinished business goals - photo frames on ebay

eBay idea # selling photo frames

Everyone shops there so why not sell your stuff on eBay?

Great example – Photo frames:
A3 Wall Home Decor Photo Frame Set
$34.90 x 74 sold = $2582.00 (minus postage and packing)

You need to make your idea a little different. Add value to it but throwing in an extra small picture frame or small photo book?


3. Project 1000 (1000 stock photos)

unfinished business goals 2014

Dude hanging out in Bay 14 (Malaysia) Photo by Martin Hurley

— 1000 stock photos uploaded to either Dreamstime, iStockphoto or Alamy. (This goal is miles off!)

4. Ronald Jenkees

Included this guy because he’s cool.

Hello Youtubes! (watch this video to see how fantastic this guy is)


5. Write & Shoot for a Travel Magazine (Travel3Sixty)

unfinished business goals - Bangkok teenagers 2014

This is why I love photography – Bangkok, 2014 – Photo by Martin Hurley

Create an interesting travel story for Travel3Sixty (AirAsia magazine)
Details: Write a travel story around 800 words (+ images @ high res, minimum 1MB & captioned) & email to: Travel3Sixty(at) Win a stay over at a great hotel & free flights if you get published.

6. Get to $1K/month

And then $10K/month – probably take 200 years, but I’ll get there. :o)

7. Offload my excess unused websites

– done √

8. Create a Physical Book on Amazon

unfinished business goals - create a physical book on amazon

But much better than this one on Amazon though…

3 ways to go about it…

  1. Use Make A Product to fine tune your approach & research the market
  2. Use and Createspace to create your book
  3. Get it out there and on Amazon and in the Kindle marketplace

9. Make a Membership Site

I used Make A Membership Site to create but came to the conclusion that photogs don’t really want to market their photos. They just want more sales, and more customers who buy stuff. :o)


Hey – it’s OK to fail. We’re just testing stuff out, right?

10. “Put my photos into every office building in the world”

(While helping create a harmonious, creative and healthy world).

Great Ambitious project!

11. Get Sponsored by an Architect

Get sponsored by a large architectural company to photography cities in China (or Asia).
(Or offer to shoot in exchange for airfares and accommodation)

12. Ask Chase Jarvis…

  • What is your definition of success?
  • How do you know when you are successful?
  • How do you strive for success?


13. Create a Coffee Table Photo Book

unfinished business goals - amazing artist in kuala lumpur malaysia 2014

Amazing artist doing his thing (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2014) – Photo by Martin Hurley

And maybe use Blurb to do it…

14. Hang with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

15. Ride a Ducati

I’m on the cusp of purchasing this 2016 Ducati Multistrada Enduro – what a beast OMG.
ducati multistrada enduro

16. Thinking Into Results Consultant with Bob Proctor


Other random NOTES:

“People can be a citizen of your brand” by:
— purchasing your prints & photo books
— purchasing your t-shirts

Replace the routine to change the habit.

Martin Hurley
Martin Hurley

I photograph cool stuff, travel heaps, throw my hand in with art t-shirts, photo books & stock photography + help photographers who hunger for independent financial freedom to make sh$t happen. / Blog / / Instagram / Twenty20 / Hurley Photos

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