Photo Book Making Workshop (Download How To Guide PDF)

Decided to do some hands-on, real-world, go talk with people and help them create their own photo book workshops… And it worked out pretty funky.

The workshops were around 1 hour in length but often went longer as people stayed around asking questions.

Or maybe it was me pestering them with questions?

Either way I get totally into the moment where I’m this enthusiastic monkey instructor jumping around answering questions and telling the odd crazy travel story.

Fortunately I had created a little Keynote slideshow. Played this onto the wall / screen so most everyone could see.

Try to get participation happening as much as possible…

Occasionally I need to stop making sense.

They haven’t thrown me out of the library building yet so that’s a good start.

There’s a part of me wondering if there’s a business idea in this. ☺

Here’s some of the slides I use in the keynote:

photo book making workshop - martin hurleyLost in Japan? Wouldn’t admit it but probably. Like to keep these Keynotes fun.


photo book making workshop - martin hurleyBendigo Library pushing my Photo Book Workshop. Hey look, sold out.


photo book making workshop - martin hurleyAn example of grabbing a good deal on your photo book. Grab it while you can.


photo book making workshop - martin hurleyWorking on the cover layout for my Japan Photo Book, thanks to Canva!


photo book making workshop - martin hurleyHow to do up-resing, or up-size your iPhone or Android images so they have a suitable resolution for publishing your book.


photo book making workshop - martin hurleyOne of my finished photo books. This one was printed by PhotoBox and turned out OK!

Energy is much better spent thinking positively and imagining good outcomes. Your imagination is a preview of coming attractions. So start using it to create what you want instead of what you don't want. - Bob Proctor


Did you come to the photo book making workshop or download the how to (do it) guide? If so, please leave a comment below. A thousand thankyous!

Martin Hurley
Martin Hurley

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