Random iPhone 4S Photography (Filters look great!)

iphone 4s photography - abstract burning image

More random iPhone 4S photography – Snapped these burning trees using my iPhone. Read more…

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Random Photos of The Day – June 2014

random photos of the day - june 2014

Random Photos of The Day – June 2014 Straw bales for house building got delivered. Time to get it on.   A few hundred straw bales to unload – teamwork smashed it (Castlemaine, Australia)   Straw bales are back breaking but someone’s gotta do it   Job done – time to crack out the home…

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More Black and White Photos From Behind the Railway Yards

black and white photos Thailand

Straight out of Thailand – black and white photos from behind the railway yards (the exact location is a secret) Shot on the amazing Sony NEX 7.

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Black and White Photo Art iPhone 5 Cases

black and white photo art iphone 5 cases

Black and white photo art iPhone 5 cases – I print images into an Apple iPhone 5/5S case using Zazzle…

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Top Photographers of 2014: Part 1 – is Chase Jarvis the man?

top photographers of 2014 - chase jarvis photography

Top photographers of 2014: Part 1 – is Chase Jarvis the man? If ever a photographer seemed to have it all, I would say it would have to be Chase Jarvis – an American professional photographer, director, artist and entrepreneur. Photo District News Magazine called Chase one of the top 30 most influential photographers of the past decade. Here’s what we think…

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How to Create an Awesome Mailing List for Photographers

mailing list for photographers

How to create an awesome mailing list for photographers – A step by step guide for photographers and creatives…

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My To-Do List of 16 Unfinished Business Goals and Unrealised Visions

Unfinished business goals - teenagers in Bangkok, Thailand 2014

My to-do list of 16 unfinished business goals (& unrealised visions) including Teespring, Blurb & eBay – and all the stuff I haven’t done yet!

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