custom iphone 6 case design printfulCustom iPhone 6 case design using my art photography and Printful.

Ever wanted to make your own custom iPhone 6 case design?

How about printing some of your best photos as iPhone covers?

What if you could print up your artwork, photography, travel pics, family life, cool stuff, and put those images on your iPhone (or any product), using an easy, online printing, fulfillment and shipping process to do it?


Where did you get that fabulous iPhone case from?

You’re kicking back at the cafe with a friend and she’s staring at your iPhone.

You sip your Latte, take a deep breath and say…

I know you won’t believe me but…

custom iphone 6 case design printfulSame iPhone 6 case different angle. Can do for iPhone 5, 5s & SE, 6 & 6s, 6 Plus & 6s Plus.

Don’t worry. Everything is OK. It’s kind of easy to do.

And you won’t have to empty your purse (or wallet) either.

It kind of works like this…

You put up an online store (you don’t need a store to do this), then look forever find a service that lets you put custom artwork onto products like wall art, t-shirts, socks, iPhone cases etc.

Then boom. You discover Printful. But you wonder can I make this work because them dudes are in California and me in a weird little Australian town. (Or wherever you are).

But hey you thinks, it’s the Internets and all. Anything goes.

And sure they can mail stuff to weird little towns.

You probably press more than a few wrong buttons but using their videos and the Youtubes you finally figure it out.

In all honesty, the trickiest part of putting the pieces together was syncing my store (where I sell my art iPhone cases) with Printful so ordering was sort of automatic.

The other tricky part was deciding what images to use for the iPhone cases. OK that wasn’t so tricky.

But getting the right size and resolution for the cases was. Kinda.

Don’t you love Print On Demand? (Apparently that’s what all this is).

custom iphone 6 case design printfulSame custom iPhone 6 case design. How can you not like Print On Demand?

How Printful Works

1. You sell a product (like an iPhone case) on your online store to someone who loves your design. Printful works well with ecommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce or on your own custom platform.

2. That order is automatically sent to Printful where it gets printed, packed and shipped. We notify you when the order is shipped, complete with all the shipping info like your tracking number.

And your customer receives their shipment with your design / image on it.

The process works like this…

how printful worksPretty much how Printful works. Click to enlarge.

Of course there’s lots of…

Funky behind the scenes stuff that needs to be glued together too!

custom iphone 6 case design printfulHere’s the iPhone 6 case by its lonesome. Nice soft, thick, chunky rubber-plastic case.

Best way to fully grasp the technical stuff?

Go watch the videos at Printful.

custom iphone 6 case design printfulSame case, top view. The printing quality is great. Click to see larger.

The Print File Generator Thing

You’ll use their mockup generator to add your print files (graphics) etc.

The mockup generator looks a bit like this…

custom iPhone 6 case design mockup generatorThe Printful Mockup Generator. Click to enlarge.

You’ll generate the files you’ll need (the mockup and the print file) and sync it all up to your store.

custom iphone 6 case design printfulI decided to put the case in a tree. (And a tree in the case).

Sound complicated?

It’s do-able. I could work it out so I’m sure you can.

But no certificates given out for setting this one up. Sorry.

Hopefully you’ll get to accumulate a little wealth though.

I also use Printful to create wall art, posters and framed art posters. (I tried to bribe them but they won’t send wooden framed canvas prints to Australia due to our customs requirements).

Maybe I can blast out some Tote bags, t-shirts and pillows in the near future. (When CNN put me on the news).

custom iphone 6 case design printfulArtistic grace. An almost transparent iPhone 6 case. Cool eh?

So these iPhone cases cost like US$12.00 or so. You can get Printful to send you a sample (recommended).

That way, you get the first peek.

You probably know this but you’ll need to use high resolution images to get your masterpiece created.

And by the way, cool news.

This iPhone 6 case is a LOT softer than the previous (hard plastic) case. It’s hybrid thermoplastic (TPU) and polycarbonate (PC) material.

Apparently that’s perfectly legal. 🙂

Whatever that is exactly, it’s kind of a soft, rubbery to the touch feel.

Also feels strong, like you could drop it and the phone would be OK. But yeah, don’t drop test it.

The End Result

Put your art work, photos, designs, illustrations etc onto a Print On Demand product and let other people appreciate (and purchase) your beautiful art…

printful on demand productsThe Printful range of Print On Demand products.

That’s pretty much it. Now get to work!

Drop shipping is when the retailer (you) doesn’t carry any of the goods in stock, but transfers the order to someone else (Printful), who creates and ships the goods out directly to the customer. For my store I use Shopify which syncs nicely with Printful.

Hope you enjoyed this custom iPhone 6 case design overview. I look forward to seeing your custom phone case masterpiece!

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