The Ultimate Gear List for Rebel Photographers (Asia Version)

ultimate gear list for photographers

The ultimate gear list for photographers, creatives and explorers that love South East Asia and hunger for lightweight adventure travel. Here’s how to carry (a lot) less, pack the right gear and snap more cool photos…

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7 Shopify Success Stories for 2015

rickshaws in Bangladesh

7 ingenious Shopify success stories from everyday people in different fields who have taken an idea to fruition and are now seeing the results…

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Australia to USA in 6 Crazy Minutes (Video)

australia to usa video matin hurley

Travelled from Australia to USA (via China). Crazy trip. Often the weirdest things happen when you are least expecting them to happen…

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How to Create a T Shirt Store Using Shopify

create a t shirt store using shopify

Cool video about how to create a t shirt store to sell your own custom designed t-shirts using Shopify (and without having to invest in inventory!)

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Giving Away All my Websites

give away photo websites

Decided to give away my photo websites and domains. Leave a comment to take yours home. Be quick – only a handful to give away…

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I Photographed a Barber Shop – And it Did Pretty Well

my entry for barber shop challenge on twenty20

I photographed a barber shop in Malaysia & entered it into a ‘Barber Shop’ challenge. Out of a few hundred entries my iPhone pic got top 20. Read what happened and how I did it here…

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8 of My Fav Thailand iPhone Photos Snaffled from Instagram

thailand iPhone photos from instagram

8 of my favourite Thailand iPhone photos snaffled from Instagram – take a sneak peek into Thailand as you’ve never seen it before though the eyes of an imaginative (and weird) iPhone photographer!

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